Show Devices

Below is a gallery of heraldic devices created for our productions.  The first of these was designed by the cast of “Macbeth” and rendered by Master Corun MacAnndra for the production at Pennsic 34 in 2005.  The company started using these devices for both publicity and our program covers with the production of “A Man for All Seasons,” (Pennsic 39, 2010).   Beginning with “A Man for All Seasons” all of the show devices have been designed and rendered by Lord Aaron Peregrine.  They were never intended to be heraldically correct by SCA standards, but rather a graphic depiction of the show itself.  Each of the devices lists the show, and both the Pennsic and modern years of production.  Blazoning of these devices compliments of Lady Rosina von Schaffhausen.
Our Current Show
The Reckoning
By John St. Dennis
Pennsic 51, 2024
Blazon: Per saltire argent and sable, in pale a mask of tragedy gules and two stacks of coins and in fess a tilting spear bendwise and a quill pen transfixing a scroll Or.
By William Shakespeare
Pennsic 34, 2005
Blazon: Argent goutty de sang, a dagger bendwise sinister inverted azure.
Show Device- A Man for All Seasons
A Man for All Seasons
By Robert Bolt
Pennsic 39. 2010
Blazon: Or, a bendlet sinister sable between a cock sable armed, combed, and wattled gules and a rose gules barbed and seeded vert.
Show Device - Henry V
Henry V
By William Shakespeare
Pennsic 40, 2011
Blazon: Quarterly azure and gules, in bend a fleur-de-lis and a mask of tragedy, and in bend sinister, a lion passant guardant and a mask of comedy Or.
Show Device - Anne of 1000 Days
Anne of the Thousand Days
By Maxwell Anderson
Pennsic 41, 2012
Blazon: Argent, a chevronel gules between a rose gules barbed and seeded vert, a bull’s head couped sable horned argent, and a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy conjoined in fess vert.
Show Device - Swaggering Soldier
Miles Gloriosus (The Swaggering Soldier)
By Plautus
Pennsic 42, 2013
Blazon: Azure, a bendlet sinister between a mask of comedy Or and an iron gray helm proper within a bordure Or.
Show Device - Canterbury Tales
Canterbury Tales (Revival)
Geoffrey Chaucer
Pennsic 43, 2014
Blazon: Per pale argent and gules, a bend counterchanged between a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy conjoined in fess argent and a Cornish chough proper.
Show Device - Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice
By William Shakespeare
Pennsic 44, 2015
Blazon: Per fess wavy argent and azure, a dolphin issuant from the line of division vert and an abacus argent beaded Or, and for supporters a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy Or.
Show Device - The Alchemist
The Alchemist
By Ben Jonson
Pennsic 45, 2016
Blazon: Per bend sinister Or and sable, on a stone mortar and pestle proper between in bend a mask of comedy sable and a two stacks of coins a comet bendwise sinister Or.
Show Device - Merry Wives of Windsor
The Merry Wives of Windsor
By William Shakespeare
Pennsic 46, 2017
Blazon: Per fess argent and vert, a mask of comedy argent antlered sable.
Show Device - Hector of Troy
Hector of Troy
By R.S. Mandel
Pennsic 47, 2018
Blazon: Per pale sable and argent, a mask of tragedy Or and a bronze Corinthian helmet proper.
Show Device Forbidden Pennsic (Revival)
Forbidden Pennsic (Revival)
By R.S. Mandel
Pennsic 48, 2019
Blazon: Per bend argent and azure, a treble clef azure and a mask of comedy bendwise Or.
Show Device - Wyrd Sisters
Wyrd Sisters
By Sir Terry Pratchett
Adapted by Stephen Briggs
Pennsic 49, 2022
Blazon: Per pall inverted vert, gules and argent, a mask of comedy wearing a jester’s hat argent, a mask of tragedy crowned Or, and a witch’s hat sable.
Show Device - Romeo & Julliet
Romeo & Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Pennsic 50, 2023
Blazon: Per pall vert, azure, and argent, a rose gules barbed and seeded argent, a mask of tragedy Or, and a mask of tragedy purpure.