The Merchant of Venice

Artistic & Production Staff

DirectorMaster Lorcan Dracontius
Assistant DirectorCharles McCowan
Prop MistressLady Carowyn Silveroak
Technical DirectorLord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an
Musical DirectorTristan le Chanticleen de Champagne
Production ManagerLord Tomas Wormwood
PlaybillLady Maire ni Sheaghdha
Show DeviceLord Aaron Peregrine


Player 1Honorable Lord Accolon Shadowhawk
Player 2Alexander of York
Player 3Lord |otun-Eirikr Bjarnason
Player 4Lucas Abernathy
Player 5Lord Aaron Peregrine
Player 6Orlando Sforza
Player 7Baron Karl Aerdigwidder von Zasberberg
Player 8Lady ]olicia atte Northclyfe
Player 9Jayme Hume of Berwyk
Player 10Lord Thomas Haworth
Player 11THL Trisola Ducci
Player 12Lady Pesha the Gypsy
Player 13Willa de la Mer
Player 14Tatsukawa Sarumaru Chisato
Player 15Milan of Bhakail
Player 16Leonete
Player 17Lord Patrick O'Donnagal
Player 18Pomestnik Andreiko Eferiev
Player 19Mistress Baroness Kis Maria (Mika)
Citizen 1Sasha of Bhakail
Citizen 2Lady Maire ni Sheaghdha
Citizen 3THL Renata la rouge
Citizen 5Lady Roseia Poseia
Citizen 6Muirenn of Wintersedge
Citizen 7Lady Ginevra Boscoli
Citizen 9Victor of Shrewsbury
Citizen 10Lady Annalies Gabriels
Citizen 11Lady Charis Accipiter