The Canterbury Tales (2014)

Adapted by Andrew May

Artistic & Production Staff

DirectorLady Renata la rouge
Assistant DirectorOrlando Sforza
Production ManagerLord Tomas Wormwood
PlaybillMasitreas Shannon Gallowglass
Production DeviceLord Aaron Peregrine
Prop MistressLady Jolicia att Northclyfe
Props AssistantLady Carowyn Silveroak
Technical DirectorLord Bryan Mac Dhunghaillan Broghadair


ChaucerAlexander of York
Host, Old Man (Pardoner’s Tale), Knave (Knight’s Tale), Apothecary, TheseusJotun-Eirikr Bjarnson
Miller, Knave Herald, GervaseeThomas Haworth
Pardoner, AbsalonCharles McCowan
Knight, Carpenter (Miller’s Tale), Miller (Reeve’s Tale)Emrys Eustace
Reeve, ArciteRobert
Palamon, Nichola, Knight (Wife of Bath’s Tale)Julian
Wife (Reeve’s Tale), Proudest, Queen (Wife of Bath’s Tale)Trisola Ducci
Alison, Old WomanGinevra Biscoli
Wife of Bath, Youngest, AlanLillie von der Tann
Wickedest, JohnAnnaliese Gabriels
Emily, Daughter (Reeve’s Tale)Mara of Hartstone